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New NTT Colleagues

We welcome our newcomers to the NTT Group

This is a corner of the NTT Technical Review where we introduce our new affiliate companies.


InfoTrust AG
IT security service provider; established in 2002, headquartered in Switzerland

Founded in 2002 and based in Zurich, InfoTrust AG is one of the most successful information technology (IT) security companies in Switzerland. Their team of experienced IT security specialists with proven industry know-how advises companies on all IT security issues and has successfully positioned itself over the years in the Swiss market. In November 2014, InfoTrust AG was fully acquired by NTT Com Security AG, a global information security and risk management organization and a member of the NTT Communications Group. For further information about InfoTrust AG, please visit

NTT Com Security AG

Technology and consulting service provider; established in 1988, headquartered in Australia

Founded in 1988, Oakton is a consulting and technology firm based in Melbourne, Australia. For over 25 years, Oakton has worked with corporate and government clients across a range of industries. The company brings together a deep experience-based understanding of the issues and trends of key industry sectors, with an intimate knowledge of business processes, operational processes, and management systems. In November 2014, Oakton was acquired by Dimension Data Holdings plc, an ICT (information and communication technology) services and solutions provider and a member of the NTT Group. For further information about Oakton, please visit

Dimension Data Holdings plc

Electronic Environments Corporation
Mission-critical lifecycle services provider; established in 1986, headquartered in USA

For nearly three decades, Electronic Environments Corporation (EEC) has successfully helped thousands of telecom and datacenter clients maximize the productivity of their mission-critical infrastructure. EEC provides design, construction, maintenance and 24/7 support services throughout all phases of the mission-critical lifecycle. EEC”Ēs proven practices enable IT and facilities managers to optimize the reliability, performance, and value of their datacenter and telecom sites. In December 2014, NTT FACILITIES, INC., the leader in designing and constructing state-of-the-art information facilities that support communications and Internet infrastructure and a member of the NTT Group, acquired a majority stake in EEC. For further information about Electronic Environments Corporation, please visit

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