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New NTT Colleagues

We welcome our newcomers to the NTT Group

This is a corner of the NTT Technical Review where we introduce our new affiliate companies.


Online payment service and payment solution provider in Malaysia; established in 2006; headquartered in Kuala Lumpur

Founded in 2006, iPay88 provides online payment services and payment solutions for merchants and financial institutions in Malaysia. The company has established a strong position with a leading share based on transaction volume and the number of established e-commerce merchants using iPay88’s services already operating in Malaysia. In addition, since consumers in the Asia-Pacific region tend to use various methods of payment, including not only credit cards but also direct debit and prepaid cards, iPay88’s comprehensive payment options enhance merchants’ competitiveness in capturing both local and overseas markets.

In September 2015, NTT DATA Corporation, through its subsidiary NTT DATA Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd, completed its acquisition of iPay88 Sdn. Bhd. For NTT DATA, this transaction opens a gateway to establishing a firm foothold in the online payment business in the growing Asia-Pacific market. For further information about iPay88, please visit

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