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January 2012 Vol. 10 No. 1


View from the Top

  • Noritaka Uji, NTT Representative Director and Senior Executive Vice President

Feature Articles: Technologies for Managing Smart Energy

  • Research and Development of Smart Energy
  • Energy Management of Telecommunication Buildings and Datacenters
  • Power Feeding Interfaces between Household Direct Current Power Feeding System and Household Telecommunication Equipment
  • Efforts Toward International Standardization for Green Datacenters

Regular Articles

  • Toward Understanding Mechanisms of Sensorimotor Processing in Speech Production
  • Development of Single-mode Indoor Optical Fiber Cable Using Bending-loss-insensitive Fiber
  • SceneKnowledge: Knowledge Sharing System Using Video-scene-linked Bulletin Board

Global Standardization Activities

  • Overview and Standardization Trends of LTE-Advanced

NTT around the World

  • NTT COMWARE America Branch

External Awards/Papers Published in Technical Journals and Conference Proceedings