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March 2024 Vol. 22 No. 3


View from the Top

  • Toshio Kashiwagi, Senior Executive Vice President, Executive Officer (CIO/CDO), NTT COMWARE

Front-line Researchers

  • Seishi Takamura, Visiting Senior Distinguished Researcher, NTT Computer and Data Science Laboratories

Rising Researchers

  • Tatsurou Hiraki, Distinguished Researcher, NTT Device Technology Laboratories; NTT Device Innovation Center; NTT Nanophotonics Center, NTT Basic Research Laboratories

Feature Articles: Keynote Speeches at NTT R&D FORUM 2023 — IOWN ACCELERATION

  • Akira Shimada, President and Chief Executive Officer, NTT Corporation
  • Sachiko Oonishi, Executive Vice President, Head of Research and Development Market Strategy, NTT Corporation
  • Shingo Kinoshita, Senior Vice President, Head of Research and Development Planning, NTT Corporation

Feature Articles: Efforts in the Environmental and Energy Sector to Create a Sustainable and Resilient Society

  • Forefront Initiatives of NTT Space Environment and Energy Laboratories
  • Zero Environmental Impact Technology to Achieve a Clean and Sustainable Society
  • Long-distance Laser-energy Transmission for Space Solar Power Systems and Their Application on Earth
  • Forefront Research Initiatives on Environmental Adaptation to Enhance Societal Resilience to Environmental Changes
  • Forecasting Technologies for Environmental and Socioeconomic Cycles for Attaining Inclusive Sustainability

Regular Articles

  • Long-distance RDMA-acceleration Frameworks

Global Standardization Activities

  • Activity Report of TTC Bridging the Standardization Gap Working Group


External Awards/Papers Published in Technical Journals and Conference Proceedings