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R&D Information

2007 / 2006 / 2005 / 2004 / 2003

Year Month Vol-No. Category Title
2007 2 5-2 R&D Information Success in Trapping and Delaying Light for over 1 ns in Photonic Crystals—Slowing Down the Speed of Light to 1/50,000
2006 8 4-8 R&D Information IP Optical Traffic Technology for Integrated Traffic Control of IP and Optical Networks
2006 8 4-8 R&D Information Single-electron Ammeter Based on Bidirectional Counting of Single Electrons
2006 7 4-7 R&D Information Aluminum Nitride Light-emitting Diodes with the Shortest Wavelength
2006 7 4-7 R&D Information Novel Beam Scanning Phenomenon Using KTN Crystal
2006 6 4-6 R&D Information Open Source Code Offered for the 128-bit Block Cipher Algorithm Camellia
2006 5 4-5 R&D Information Trial of Ultrahigh-speed Network Technologies for Telediagnosis and Telesurgical Treatment of Fetal Diseases
2006 4 4-4 R&D Information International Standardization of Lossless Coding Technology for Audio Signals
2005 12 3-12 R&D Information World's First Successful Demonstration of Dynamic Reservation of Resources for Grid Computing
2005 8 3-8 R&D Information Distribution of Single Photons for Quantum Cryptography via an Optical Switch
2005 7 3-7 R&D Information Success in High Precision Control of Nuclear Spins for Quantum Computation
2005 2 3-2 R&D Information MIMO-OFDM technology field test for over-100 Mbit/s broadband wireless access
2005 1 3-1 R&D Information Scalable Video Software Codec Enabling Realtime Processing of Standard-TV-Quality Video
2004 12 2-12 R&D Information NTT Participates in Interoperability Test among Top-level Carriers in Japan, North America, Europe, and Korea
2004 11 2-11 R&D Information Success in controlling multi-photon transitions of a superconducting flux qubit
2004 9 2-9 R&D Information Development of the World's Fastest 10-Gbit/s Packet Classification and Forwarding Board for Advanced Processing on High-speed Networks
2004 8 2-8 R&D Information Discovery of a New Visual Mechanism — Using Motion to Perceive Shape
2004 7 2-7 R&D Information Operation of an Autonomous Distributed Collaborative Network Using P2P “SIONet” Technology-Launch of Joint Tests
2004 6 2-6 R&D Information Development of Single-Unit Encoder Configuration Technology for SHR Video Communications
2004 5 2-5 R&D Information OCN Introduces ENCORE Inter-AS Diagnostic System Targeting the Construction of an Internet Environment with Outstanding Stability
2004 5 2-5 R&D Information Field Assembly of Optical Connectors
2004 4 2-4 R&D Information Three-Dimensional Nanofabrication Using Electron Beam Lithography
2004 4 2-4 R&D Information Compact Lasers Generate Light of any Desired Wavelength Filling the Wavelength Gaps of Semiconductor Lasers
2004 2 2-2 R&D Information Research Advances Rapidly on a New Breed of Optical Fiber that Could Lead to Ultrahigh-capacity Communications and Cost Reductions
2004 1 2-1 R&D Information First Multi-application Smart Card Recognized as GlobalPlatform Compliant
2004 1 2-1 R&D Information Joint Experiment on Broadband Network for Intelligent Social Infrastructure in the 21st Century
2004 1 2-1 R&D Information NTT, NEC, Furukawa Electric, and Mitsubishi Electric Succeed in the World's First Interworking of GMPLS and MPLS
2004 1 2-1 R&D Information Secure and Reliable Sharing of User Attributes among Websites
2003 12 1-9 R&D Information Successful preparation of KTN Crystals with the Highest Reported Electro-optic Effect and the Potential for Providing a Great Improvement in Optical Device Performance
2003 12 1-9 R&D Information HotWindow system for Providing the Latest Information using Information Visualization Technologies
2003 12 1-9 R&D Information Development of Multicast MPLS for Next-generation Broadband Services
2003 11 1-8 R&D Information Logical-topology Reconfigurable WDM Network System — Enables Network Managers to Change Network Topologies Dynamically
2003 10 1-7 R&D Information Three Leading Japanese Firms Jointly Develop a New Encryption Technology—Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem (ECDSA Signature)
2003 10 1-7 R&D Information Most Advanced Wireless Technology in Scotland Launched at EICC
2003 10 1-7 R&D Information Diamond Semiconductors Operate at Highest Frequency Ever—A Step Closer to Diamond Devices for Communication Satellites, Broadcasting Stations, and Radars
2003 9 1-6 R&D Information "CyberSquash" Internet Access Platform using Digital Watermarks — Enables Users to Access Related Information Easily by Reading Printed Images
2003 8 1-5 R&D Information Successful Demonstration of Simultaneous Wide-area Multipoint Transmission of HD Streams for the Broadband Ubiquitous Era — The World's First Large-scale Confirmation of Broadband Content Distribution by End Users
2003 7 1-4 R&D Information KiriBariWeb:a Tool for Easily Constructing Personal Portals -Trial Service Begins at “Cyber Trial” Site
2003 7 1-4 R&D Information "GMPLS Signaling Protocol Interoperability Test in Multilayer Network" -Toward a Global Standard for the Next-generation Photonic Network
2003 5 1-2 R&D Information A Voucher Trading Service Platform that Transforms Mobile Phones and IC Cards into the Ultimate Wallet —One that is Secure, Reliable, and Convenientt—
2003 4 1-1 R&D Information NTT Develops High-quality MPEG-2 Codec LSI for Embedding in Consumer-oriented Interactive Video Communication Systems
2003 4 1-1 R&D Information Development of MovingFirewall, a System that Mitigates DDoS Attacks at Upstream Nodes and Defends the Entire Network