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Special Feature: NTT Tsukuba Forum 2006 Workshop Lectures

NTT Tsukuba Forum 2006 Workshop Lectures

The special feature in this issue presents three workshop lectures given at NTT Tsukuba Forum 2006 held by NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories on Nov. 9 and 10. Under the theme of "Meeting the Explosive Growth in FTTH—proposed measures to achieve smart and simple optical access networks", this forum presented the latest research results through lectures, workshops, and exhibitions. They followed the keynote lecture "Aiming for 30 Million Optical Fiber Subscribers: NTT East's Measures for Achieving the Age of Optical Fiber" by Tetsuo Koga, Senior Executive Vice President, Director of Consumer Business Promotion Headquarters, NTT East, and the special lecture "Measures Taken by NTT West: Network Facilities Strategies" by Yasuyoshi Katayama, Senior Vice President, Director of Network Department, NTT West. The workshop lectures reviewed the trend of recent topics among NTT's technologies, described its research and development efforts, and predicted future developments for optical access network technologies. They were originally given in Japanese.


The workshop lectures were:

Trends in Optical Access Toward Enhancement of FTTH—Toward a Simple and Smart Optical Access Network
by Tetsuya Yamamura, Executive Manager, Access Service and Network Architecture Project, NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories.
Trends in Wireless Access Systems Toward a Dramatic Expansion of FTTH
by Hiroshi Kazama, Executive Manager, Wireless Access Systems Project, NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories.
Infrastructure Equipment Management Technology for the Optical Age
by Ryutaro Nishino, Executive Manager, Civil Engineering Project, NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories.