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New NTT Colleagues

We welcome our newcomers to the NTT Group

This is a corner of the NTT Technical Review where we introduce our new affiliate companies.


PT. Cyber CSF
Largest datacenter service provider in Indonesia; established in 2012; headquartered in Jakarta

Founded in 2012, PT. Cyber CSF (renamed PT. NTT Indonesia Nexcenter), is Indonesia’s largest datacenter service provider. It operates a high-quality facility equipped for 24 MVA of power and 2800 racks in 7700 square meters of space in the heart of Jakarta (Photo 1). The Indonesian ICT (information and communication technology) market is expected to average about 10% annual growth through 2017, exceeding growth in most other Southeast Asian countries. Datacenter outsourcing in Indonesia is expected to expand beyond 2016, triggered by new laws and regulations, as well as administrative guidance by the central bank, Bank Indonesia, regarding datacenter quality and the use of such services by financial companies.

Photo 1. External view of datacenter in Jakarta.

In October 2015, NTT Communications Corporation announced that it had wholly acquired PT. Cyber CSF and renamed the company PT. NTT Indonesia Nexcenter. The acquisition further strengthens NTT Communications’ NexcenterTM datacenter capabilities in the Asia-Pacific region, where it serves major local and multinational customers, especially in the fields of finance, information technology, and manufacturing.

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