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June 2018 Vol. 16 No. 6


Feature Articles: Creating a Flexible and Smart Network as a New Social Infrastructure

  • Future Network Technologies for the 5G/IoT Era
  • Leveraging General-purpose Technology and Open Community Activities
  • Creating New Value by Leveraging Network-AI Technology in Service Operations
  • Initiatives toward Access Network Technology for the Beyond-5G Era
  • Research toward Realizing a Future Network Architecture
  • MOOSIA: Technology for One-stop Operation
  • Global Collaboration Initiatives Revolutionizing Research and Development of Network Technologies

Regular Articles

  • Traffic Prediction and Quality Evaluation for Improving Communication Quality during Major Events
  • Investigating Countermeasures against High-altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP)

Global Standardization Activities

  • Automotive Edge Computing Consortium—a Global Effort to Develop a Connected Car Platform

Practical Field Information about Telecommunication Technologies

  • Investigation of Unintentional One-ring Outgoing Calls

Short Reports

External Awards/Papers Published in Technical Journals and Conference Proceedings