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September 2020 Vol. 18 No. 9


View from the Top

  • Teruyuki Kishimoto, Executive Vice President, NTT WEST

Front-line Researchers

  • Yutaka Miyamoto, NTT Fellow, NTT Network Innovation Laboratories

Feature Articles: Digital Twin Computing for Advanced Interaction between the Real World and Cyberspace

  • Digital Twin Computing Initiative
  • Challenges Facing Human Digital Twin Computing and Its Future Prospects
  • Digital Twin Computing of Things Opens Up a New Society
  • Approaches to Cyber-physical Interactions Linking the Real World and Cyberspace
  • Social Issues with Digital Twin Computing

Regular Articles

Global Standardization Activities

  • Meeting Report on ITU-T FG-AI4EE—ICT Applications Using Artificial Intelligence in Climate Change Countermeasures and Their Standardization Trends

External Awards/Papers Published in Technical Journals and Conference Proceedings