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November 2017 Vol. 15 No. 11


Front-line Researchers

  • Naonori Ueda, NTT Fellow, Head of Ueda Research Laboratory and Director of Machine Learning and Data Science Center, NTT Communication Science Laboratories

Feature Articles: Communication Science that Enables corevo®¡½Artificial Intelligence that Gets Closer to People

  • Basic Research in the Era of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Big Data¡½New Research Design through the Convergence of Science and Engineering
  • Generative Personal Assistance with Audio and Visual Examples
  • Efficient Algorithm for Enumerating All Solutions to an Exact Cover Problem
  • Memory-efficient Word Embedding Vectors
  • Synthesizing Ghost-free Stereoscopic Images for Viewers without 3D Glasses
  • Personalizing Your Speech Interface with Context Adaptive Deep Neural Networks

Regular Articles

Global Standardization Activities

  • Report on First Meeting of ITU-T TSAG (Telecommunication Standardization Advisory Group) for the Study Period 2017 to 2020


  • Event Report: NTT Communication Science Laboratories Open House 2017

Short Reports

External Awards/Papers Published in Technical Journals and Conference Proceedings