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July 2023 Vol. 21 No. 7


View from the Top

  • Riaki Hoshino, Senior Executive Vice President, NTT EAST

Front-line Researchers

  • Hirokazu Kameoka, Senior Distinguished Researcher, NTT Communication Science Laboratories

Rising Researchers

  • Kentaro Yasu, Distinguished Researcher, NTT Communication Science Laboratories

Special Report: Commemoration of the Japan Prize

  • Keeping in Mind the Spirit Acquired at NTT Laboratories, We Will Continue to Challenge Ourselves to Contribute to the Development of Humankind

Feature Articles: The Forefront of Cryptography Research with an Eye on the Quantum Era

  • Development of Modern Cryptography and Research on Quantum Cryptography
  • Functional Encryption Enabling Secure Leasing of Private Keys
  • Quantum Algorithms with Potential for New Applications
  • Security of Hash Functions against Attacks Using Quantum Computers

Regular Articles

  • MagneShape: A Simple Pin-based Shape-changing Display Using Magnetic Materials

Global Standardization Activities

  • Efforts by TM Forum, an Operation Standards Organization