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Short Reports

2021 / 2020 / 2019 / 2018 / 2017 / 2016

Year Month Vol-No. Category Title
2021 4 19-4 Short Reports Effective Compression of Quantum Braided Circuits Aided by ZX-Calculus
2021 4 19-4 Short Reports First Successful Measurement of Neutron Energy Dependence of Semiconductor Soft Errors
2021 3 19-3 Short Reports Simulating Complex Quantum Networks with Time Crystals
2021 3 19-3 Short Reports World's Fastest Directly Modulated Laser Exceeding 100-GHz Bandwidth
2021 3 19-3 Short Reports Demonstration of a Novel Method to Generate Chaotic Signals Using a MEMS Oscillator
2020 3 18-3 Short Reports NTT and Telefónica Start PoC on Open Optical and Packet Transport Technologies within Telecom Infra Project
2019 7 17-7 Short Reports Orange and NTT Sign Strategic R&D Framework Agreement to Accelerate Digital and Network Transformation in 5G, AI, IoT Cybersecurity and Beyond
2019 7 17-7 Short Reports Achievements of Government Sponsored Contract Research on Autonomous Mobility Systems Aimed at Developing an Autonomous Mobility Society in the Future
2019 7 17-7 Short Reports First Proof-of-principle Experiment of Quantum Repeaters with All Photonics—Major Step towards a Quantum Internet as the Holy Grail of Information-processing Networks
2019 7 17-7 Short Reports Development of Novel Material Sr3OsO6 with the Highest Ferromagnetic Transition Temperature for Insulators—Breaking the World Record for the First Time in 88 years
2019 7 17-7 Short Reports NTT and Dimension Data Sign Memorandum of Understanding with Deakin University and Western Sydney University to Accelerate Innovation
2019 6 17-6 Short Reports World's Fastest 600-Gbit/s per Lambda (λ) Optical Transmission with 587-Gbit/s Data Transfer-Prospect for Realizing 600-Gbit/s/λ Optical Network and Data Transfer Protocol
2019 5 17-5 Short Reports NTT Develops Non-rigid Object Recognition Technology that Achieves Recognition of Database Images—Not Only Rigid 3D Objects but also Non-rigid Objects—at Low Cost
2019 4 17-4 Short Reports GPS Time Synchronization with World-class Accuracy Using Selected Satellites--Multipath-tolerant GNSS Receiver Dramatically Increases Accuracy in Severe Environments
2019 2 17-2 Short Reports Controlling Nuclear Magnetic Resonance with a Micromechanical Oscillator—A Novel Technique to Individually Manipulate Nuclear Spins in Integrated Devices
2018 11 16-11 Short Reports Ultrahigh-speed Integrated Circuit Capable of Wireless Transmission of 100 Gbit/s in the 300-GHz Band
2018 9 16-9 Short Reports Completely Rewriting Industry’s Understanding of Transmitting High Quality Laser Processing Light over Long Distances
2018 7 16-7 Short Reports Development and Trial of Low-latency Optical Access Technology that Operates in Coordination with a 5G Mobile System—Achieving Efficient Accommodation and Operation of Base Stations
2018 7 16-7 Short Reports NTT Develops World's First Real-time 4K High Frame Rate HEVC Codec—Enabling Live Transmission of High Frame Rate Video, Resulting in Smoother and Sharper Video Quality
2018 6 16-6 Short Reports Successful Joint Test of Next-generation Onboard IoT Platform
2018 5 16-5 Short Reports Japan-Taiwan Joint Experiment Successfully Demonstrates White-box Based Carrier-grade Networking-International Service Provider Collaboration in Software-defined Networking Pushes Forward IP Packet Transport to Employ Commodity Products
2017 11 15-11 Short Reports Arkadin Brings Businesses into the Future with New Cloud Unified Communications Services and Digital Operations Strategies
2017 11 15-11 Short Reports World's Largest Transmission Capacity with Standard Diameter Multi-core Optical Fiber—Accelerated Multi-core Fiber Application Using Current Standard Technology
2017 9 15-9 Short Reports Successful Field Trial of All-Raman Optical Amplification Technology for Multiband Large Capacity Transmission of 400-Gbit/s Signals in Installed Fiber—Double the Usable Bandwidth of Installed Fiber
2017 7 15-7 Short Reports Report on NTT Group Exhibits at CeBIT 2017—Showcasing Cutting-edge Use of ICT at the World’s Largest Information Technology Trade Fair
2017 7 15-7 Short Reports NTT Communications to Deploy 400-Gbit/s Optical Transmission System for Datacenter Network Connections
2017 6 15-6 Short Reports One-petabit-per-second Fiber Transmission over a Record Distance of 200 km—Paving the Way to Realizing 1000-km Inline Optical Amplified Transmission Systems within C Band Only
2017 5 15-5 Short Reports Soft Error Test Service Commences to Reproduce Soft Errors—Abnormal Operation of Electronic Equipment Caused by Cosmic Rays
2017 4 15-4 Short Reports NTT, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, and Kobe University Develop a New Cryptanalytic Technique to Improve the Design of Lightweight Ciphers for Internet of Things
2017 2 15-2 Short Reports Experimental Test of Macroscopic Realism Problem Using a Superconducting Flux Qubit
2017 1 15-1 Short Reports Achieving Tbit/s-level Transport Functions with White-box Switching on Virtual Networks--Driving NetroSphere with Network Architecture (MSF) that Maximizes General-purpose Equipment
2016 12 14-12 Short Reports Deployment of NTT's Open Source Software GoBGP in INTERNET MULTIFEED's JPNAP Service Achieves Automation of Operation and Vast Improvement in Efficiency
2016 11 14-11 Short Reports Arkadin's Unified Communications & Collaboration Portfolio and Service Strategy Position it for Leadership in the Virtual Workplace