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November 2010 Vol. 8 No. 11


View from the Top

  • Fuminori Kozono, Senior Executive Vice President, NTT EAST

Special Feature: Cutting-edge Technologies for Seeing and Showing

  • ICT Breakthroughs Driven by Scientific Insights into Human Cognition and Information Processing
  • High-resolution Multiband Imaging for Accurate Color Reproduction
  • Media Scene Learning: A Novel Framework for Automatically Extracting Meaningful Parts from Audio and Video Signals
  • Topigraphy Project
  • Change Signals Provide Clues to Perception Mechanisms––Visual Illusions Reveal the Brain’s Information Selection Strategy
  • Computer Programming Education Using the Visual Programming Language Viscuit

Regular Papers

  • Reliable and Efficient Photonic Network Architecture Based on a Hierarchical Hypercube Network Topology


  • Advanced Wireless IP Access System (Advanced WIPAS) Compatible with FTTH

Global Standardization Activities

  • Trends in Home ICT Standardization

External Awards/Papers Published in Technical Journals and Conferences Proceedings