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September 2017 Vol. 15 No. 9


Feature Articles: The Internet of Things and New Value Creation

  • Research and Development Initiatives on the Internet of Things at NTT
  • NTT Group Initiatives to Create New Internet of Things Business
  • Natural Sensing with °»hitoe°… Functional Material and Initiatives towards Its Applications
  • Data Exchange Technology Providing Real-time Data Processing and Scalability
  • Optimal Crowd Navigation via Spatio-temporal Multidimensional Collective Data Analysis

Regular Articles

  • Orbital Angular Momentum Multiplexing Technology towards the Realization of Tbit/s Wireless Transmission

Global Standardization Activities

  • ITU-R Study Group 3 Activities towards Use of High Frequency Bands for 5G and Other Wireless Communication Systems

Short Reports

External Awards/Papers Published in Technical Journals and Conference Proceedings