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January 2021 Vol. 19 No. 1


Front-line Researchers

  • Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Senior Distinguished Researcher, NTT Basic Research Laboratories

Feature Articles: Digital Transformation of Urban Areas Focusing on Mobility

  • Optimization of Entire Urban Areas Using IOWN
  • Open MaaS Platform that Supports Multimodal MaaS
  • Activities on Multimodal MaaS to Solve the First Mile/Last Mile Problem—NTT DOCOMO°«s Next-generation Mobility Service
  • Use of 4D Digital PlatformTM for Mobility
  • Technical Developments and Verification of Connected Cars
  • Cooperative Initiatives between Public and Private Sectors on Connected Cars and Creation of a Traffic-environment Data Portal
  • Data-driven and Optimized Smart Cities Using Urban DTC

Feature Articles: Smart Infrastructure Facility Management

  • Developing Smart Infrastructure Platform Based on the Smart Infra Business Concept
  • High-precision Management of 3D Location Information of Underground Facilities by Using High-precision 3D Geospatial Information
  • Triple I+P: A GIS Platform for Advanced Geospatial Data Management
  • Evolving MMS from 3D Measurement of Road Area to Facility Inspection—Diagnosing Wear in Millimeters and Deterioration in Terms of Rust, Stains, and Cracks

Global Standardization Activities

  • Standardization Activities on Future Networks in ITU-T SG13

External Awards/Papers Published in Technical Journals and Conference Proceedings