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September 2011 Vol. 9 No. 9


Feature Articles: ICT Design Center: Design and Assessment Work

  • Mission of the ICT Design Center
  • Web Accessibility Evaluation Technology
  • ICT Service Design for Senior Citizens Based on Aging Characteristics
  • Design Guidelines for Installation Manuals for Novices
  • Efforts to Minimize Human Errors in Network Maintenance

Feature Articles: Quantum Cryptography

  • Quantum Key Distribution Technology
  • Theory of the Security of Quantum Key Distribution
  • Differential Phase Shift Quantum Key Distribution (DPS-QKD) Experiments
  • Superconducting Single-photon Detectors
  • Quantum Communication Using Entangled Photon Pairs––Toward Quantum Repeaters

Global Standardization Activities

  • Activities and Status of Focus Group on Smart Grid in ITU-T

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External Awards/Papers Published in Technical Journals and Conference Proceedings