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June 2014 Vol. 12 No. 6


Front-line Researchers

  • Dr. Shingo Tsukada, Senior Distinguished Researcher, NTT Basic Research Laboratories

Feature Articles: Technologies for Promoting Use of Open Source Software that Contribute to Reducing TCO of IT Platform

  • OSSMA: Facilitating Migration to OSS
  • HeapStats: Your Dependable Helper for Java Applications, from Development to Operation
  • TUBAME: A Tool for Studying Java Application Migration
  • Faster System Building with No Reworking! OSSVERT Smart Builder
  • Pacemaker: Increasing System Reliability
  • PostgreSQL: Leader in Cost Reduction
  • Linux and KVM Activities Providing Foundational Support for Use of OSS
  • Dramatic Changes in Java Troubleshooting!—Pursuing Uncompromising Low-overhead Implementations

Regular Articles

  • Inspection Prioritizing Technique for Early Discovery of Defective Facilities—Manhole Facility Inspection Prioritization

Global Standardization Activities

  • Standardization Trends Relating to Smart TV

Practical Field Information about Telecommunication Technologies

  • Fault Cases and Countermeasures for Optical Fiber Cables in Optical Network Facilities

New NTT Colleagues

Papers Published in Technical Journals and Conference Proceedings