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August 2022 Vol. 20 No. 8


View from the Top

  • Akira Shimada, President and Chief Executive Officer, NTT

Front-line Researchers

  • Mitsuaki Akiyama, Senior Distinguished Researcher, NTT Social Informatics Laboratories

Rising Researchers

  • Hiroshi Yamazaki, Distinguished Researcher, NTT Device Technology Laboratories

Feature Articles: Device Technologies for Enabling the All-Photonics Network

  • High-output Optical Transmitter and High-sensitivity Optical Receiver for 400-Gbit/s 40-km Fiber-amplifier-less Transmission
  • C+L-band Colorless, Directionless, Contentionless Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexing for High-capacity Network Flexibility
  • Development of Membrane Optical Modulators for IOWN
  • Observation of Exceptional Point Degeneracy with Current-injected Photonic Crystal Lasers

Feature Articles: Optical Device Technologies for Next-generation Computing Using Light

  • Optical Device Technology for Next-generation Computing Using Light
  • Broadband Continuous-wave Optical Quadrature Squeezer for Ultra-fast Optical Quantum Computers
  • Optical Circuit Technologies for Next-generation Computing Using Light
  • Photonic Implementation of Reservoir Computing

Regular Articles

  • Business Design Support Technology to Promote Digital Transformation

Global Standardization Activities

  • Report on WTSA-20 (World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly)

Practical Field Information about Telecommunication Technologies

  • Development of the Hikari Denwa Fault-isolation Tool for Voice Over IP Services

External Awards/Papers Published in Technical Journals and Conference Proceedings