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March 2011 Vol. 9 No. 3


Front-line Researchers

  • Makio Kashino, Senior Distinguished Researcher, NTT Communication Science Laboratories

Feature Articles: System LSI Design for Broadband Optical Access Network Systems

  • System LSI Design Technology for Communications Networks
  • Cooperative Hardware/software Design Technology
  • MAC LSI Design Technology for Optical Access Communications
  • Design Verification Using Field-programmable Gate Arrays for Optical Access Communications SoC
  • 10-Gbit/s Burst-mode Receiver Integrated Circuits for Broadband Optical Access Networks

Feature Articles: R&D of Optical Component Technologies for 100-Gbit/s Digital Coherent Communications

  • Optical Device Technologies for Future Network Evolution
  • Wavelength-tunable Lasers for Next-generation Optical Networks
  • Multilevel Optical Modulator Utilizing PLC-LiNbO3 Hybrid-integration Technology
  • 100-Gbit/s Optical Receiver Front-end Module Technology
  • Photodiodes and Transimpedance Amplifiers for 100-Gbit/s Digital Coherent Optical Communications

Regular Articles

  • Antenna Model and Its Application to System Design in the Millimeter-wave Wireless Personal Area Networks Standard
  • Compressed Sensing Technology for Flexible Wireless System

Global Standardization Activities

Papers Published in Technical Journals and Conference Proceedings