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May 2024 Vol. 22 No. 5


View from the Top

  • Yukari Tsuji, Senior Vice President, Head of NTT Information Network Laboratory Group

Front-line Researchers

  • Doohwan Lee, Senior Distinguished Researcher, NTT Network Innovation Laboratories

Rising Researchers

  • Junko Takahashi, Distinguished Researcher, NTT Social Informatics Laboratories

Feature Articles: Recent Updates on Bio-soft Materials Research

  • Materials and Sensing Technologies for Constructing On-chip Biological Models
  • Creation of Hydrogel Actuator toward Construction of On-chip Biological Models
  • Brain-on-a-chip Model Using Deformable Graphene-based Electrode Array
  • Functional Evaluation of Bilayer Lipid for the Development of Artificial Cell-membrane Structures
  • Characterization of Metal Ions in Neurons Using a Superconducting Flux Qubit

Feature Articles: Urban DTC for Creating Optimized Smart Cities Attentive to the Individual

  • Creating Smart Cities through Digital Twins
  • Urban District Experiences for the Individual Generated by the Linking of Digital Twins—Digital-twin-integrated Platform and Integrated App
  • Personalized Air Conditioning Achieving Both Personal Comfort and Energy Savings
  • Using Smart-store Behavior Data to Optimize Sales Promotion
  • Robot Delivery Service with Mobile Ordering
  • AI Value Platform Accelerates Data Valorization by Consolidating SDSC°«s Elemental Technologies
  • Improving Efficiency of Agricultural-product Distribution by Using a Virtual Market
  • Refining Solar-power-generation Plans to Achieve Stable Power Supply by Predicting Total Solar Irradiance

Regular Articles

  • Sub-surface-hydrogen-measurement Method for Estimating Hydrogen-embrittlement Risk in Concrete Poles

External Awards